Medical Support & Laboratory

Medical Support

Diagnos-Techs’ team of medical advisors are available, via telephone, to assist our licensed health care professional clients. They can answer questions about our laboratory tests and assist our health care provider clients with interpretation or consultation of test results. There is no additional fee to receive this service. Phone 800-878-3787 to schedule an appointment.

Diagnos-Techs’ medical support team provides more than 100 years of combined experience, embracing multiple disciplines, and is available to all clients utilizing the company’s testing services. Distinguished physicians and surgeons from the finest medical schools of Canada, Egypt, and The United States of America, work in harmony with seasoned naturopathic doctors. Our doctors are happy to assist any client of Diagnos-Techs to insure the most valuable experience and effective result for the party of ultimate interest, the patient.

Laboratory Quality Control

Diagnos-Techs maintains superior test quality by using a daily program of comprehensive quality assurance. All quantitative results are obtained from test runs which are in compliance with industry standard testing protocols from the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), World Health Organization (WHO)* and similar organizations. A minimum of two control materials are included with each run. Each and every result is reviewed by supervisory personnel to provide accurate results for initial tests as well as highly precise results in follow-up tests, ensuring the highest standard of clinical management.

*WHO is the World Health Organization that sets international standards for various parameters in medical practice. World Health Organization (WHO) has designated The Joint Commission and Joint Commission International (JCI) as the world’s first WHO Collaborating Center dedicated solely to patient safety.

Diagnos-Techs™ is dedicated to continuous improvement.
Here are two ways to report concerns to management about patient safety and quality of care.

  2. The Joint Commission