Insurance Billing

Our dedicated team of Insurance specialists are highly skilled and trained to assist you with any insurance or billing related questions.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage

We are a contracted provider with Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Coverage is determined by Medicare and based upon medical necessity. To proceed with Medicare billing the referring provider will need to be enrolled with Medicare to order and refer services and an Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage form needs to be completed with your test form.

Commercial Insurance Billing

As a courtesy, we will submit claims to a variety of insurance companies at our clients’ and patients’ requests. We are out-of-network with all Commercial Insurance carriers. When we bill insurance we bill at a full retail per line item price and do not accept any allowable adjustments. This means the patient is responsible for any difference between the insurance payment and the insurance billed rate and/or out-of-network deductibles and coinsurances.

We recommend you call your insurance company to verify your out-of-network benefits including deductibles and co-insurances prior to submitting insurance information for us to bill. To ensure accuracy of claim processing patients need to complete and sign the Diagnos-Techs insurance billing form along with a front and back copy of the insurance card(s).

Here is a list of the insurance companies that we do not bill:

  • UMR

As a non-contracted provider many insurance carriers will send the reimbursement to the contracted party (subscriber). In this case, the patient will be responsible for forwarding the insurance checks to us or payment can be submitted in full by check, money order or credit card.

Patient Insurance Disclaimer
Diagnos-Techs™, Inc. is a non-contracted provider with all insurance companies. If deductibles and/or co-insurances are applied, Diagnos-Techs™, Inc. is obligated by law in the state of Washington to collect and are unable to reverse any insurance billing after processing.